Version 0.7.14

This will be the last version in the 0.7 series including only minor improvements and bug fixes. The 0.8 series will not be completely backwards compatible as a lot of code backend will be changed.

You can find all program versions in the Download Area and an overview in the Version History.

Changes since Version 0.7.13:

  • Add simple data correction dialogs (xy-offset, y-normalization)
  • Add option to calculate radial integration over a defined arc region (e.g. ±5° around x-axis)
  • Add the possibility to drag the Plot/Multiplot/Information tab from the main Window to an external dialog
  • Add an Automatic Dialog Creation facility for user written data treatment
  • Add fit function for ferromagnetic hysteresis loops (two shifted Langevin functions)
  • Improvement in PeakFinder algorithm and possibility to use PeakFinder in th-2th peak position fitting
  • Improvement of xyz-range selection. The ranges now automatically switch when changing the plot and allow right click to select ranges set for similar plots
  • Import files using Drag&Drop
  • Import data from QtiPlot tables in all sessions
  • Import B1 Matlab files
  • Export plot columns to clipboard (e.g. to insert into a QtiPlot table)
  • Calculate and display peak info (Position, FWHM, Max)
  • Select different types of exponential labeling in the xyz-label option dialog
  • Change plot font with a selection dialog and save it as default, if desired
  • Add possibility to switch the plotted columns when in a multiplot
  • Fix code to make GenX plugin work again.
  • Fix interactively created fit functions could not be stored in snapshots
  • Fix an error that could crash the program when defining some options for ASCII import
  • Fix precision in SQUID time and MBE logfile readout as well as in the output text file for plotting
  • Fix the multiplot tab did not work when first switched to
  • Fix error in loading plot profiles
  • Fix graphic error when zooming in with the mouse
  • Fix extraction of specular reflectivity in TREFF session
  • Splitting of largest GUI code file (6000 Lines) to multiple files
  • Some small Bufgixes
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