Version 0.7

The latest Version of the program is Version 0.7.14.

You can find all program versions in the Download Area and an overview in the Version History.

Changes since Version 0.6.3:

  • For gnuplot version >=4.4 mouse support was added for 2d plots including position status message, zoom functionality, adding labels on shift+click and fitting peak functions on ctrl+click.
  • Added template framework to fast create new datatypes.
  • Added MARIA, D7, general SPEC and IN17 datatype.
  • Added possibilty to derivate data using a moving window (Savitzky-Golay filter) or global (FFT) approach.
  • Added rebinning and smoothing options for 3d (map) data.
  • Added fit for 3d (map) datasets.
  • Added color selection dialog showing the available color scales.
  • Added some new fit functions.
  • Added FFT analysis of reflectivity measurements.
  • Export, apply options and print multple datasets together, which can be selected with previews.
  • Added a DataView dialog to show the data of the active plot in a table.
  • Possibility to update the program from a website (updatescript itself needs to be written, but will be downloaded automatically)
  • Updated Polarized Neutron Reflectivity fit program from Emmanuel Kentzinger
  • Rework the data output leading to a speedup in plotting of 70-95%.
  • Rework of the MeasurementData and PhysicalProperty objects which store the data, now the columns storing data are derived from the numpy.ndarray object, which make calculations a lot faster and gives the possiblity to use them with numpy universal functions.
  • Added program icons in the system menu and file type assignment (Windows/Debian package)
  • Fix rescaling the program window
  • Fix some unicode issues
  • Improved error handling and debug.log
  • EXPERIMENTAL: Tree dialog with previews of all plots in all files.
  • A lot of bugfixes.
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