Version 0.6.3

The latest Version of the program is Version 0.7.10.

You can find all program versions in the Download Area and an overview in the Version History.

Changes since Version 0.6:

  • General GUI features
    • rearanged menu structure to improve usability
    • added printing with system print dialog (pygtk >= 2.10) or with commandline tool for unix
    • added iPython console window for interactive python access to the program variables
    • added some convenience functions to the IPython console to give experienced users the possibility to treat the data with own functions
    • added possibility to open the GUI without datafile so it can be run from the menu (.deb and windows automatically adds menu entries)
    • added a button to show the plot in an external gnuplot (wxt/windows) window, this gives the possibility to zoom in with the mouse, find the exact position of a point and have multiple plots opened at the same time
    • added possibility to select the picture size in the export dialog
    • added new logo to the gui
    • improved the scaling of the GUI image
    • added a import status dialog when starting the program, that can be viewed from the GUI after import.
  • General Datatreatment
    • added function to integrate intensities of differen datasets
    • added Radial integration around one point of a plotted map
    • added possibilty to use gzip compressed files for most of the session types
    • added snapshot framework to store the working stat including fits etc.
    • filtering datapoints can be applied without closing the dialog
    • using unicode source files
  • Session specific data treatment
    • added reflectometer option to combine multiple scans into one map (rocking curves)
    • added possibility to combine reflectometer rocking curves to 3d maps
    • added gui option to change squid dia- and paramagnetic correction including fit to asymptotic behaviour
    • better DNS correction posibilities
    • added KWS2 data type
    • added Lambda setting in dns config
    • PPMS split AC measurements by frequency
    • added x-ray ka1, ka2 fit function
    • added 4circle reload a measurement and toggle cps
  • Bugfixes
    • fix export and open dialogs now stay in the last used folder
    • fix multiplot did not have it's own title
    • fix first title entry will lose changes when entering into second title entry at the same time
    • fix IPython did not work on all systems, especially windows
    • fix Postscript export with wrong symbols
    • fix TREFF and reflectometer fits with different datasets not working in one session
    • fix reflectometer custom constraints not working with multilayer parameters
    • revisited scattering length density table for x-rays
    • fix crash when trying to import improper squid/ppms data files
    • fix DNS crashes when -xyz option is evoked and not all sequences have 6 channels
    • reload config files and .mds files when a new script version is created
    • fixed covariance is None issue in fit routine
    • fixed DeprecationWarnig using gtk.Tooltips in
    • fixed Time out when update server is not reachable
    • fixed Import in reflectometer doesn't need leeding spaces
    • fixed DNS reimplement a column with the file numbers
    • fixed small issue in DNS fullauto import optional
  • a lot of small fixes for the usability and stability
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