Version 0.6

The latest Version of the program is Version 0.7.8.

You can find all programs in the Download Area.

Changes since Version 0.5:

  • created a windows executable and installer with no need for python, gtk or gnuplot to be installed manually
  • added support for treff data and image files
    • extract “true” specular part of intensity maps
    • fit specular reflectivity with pnr_multi.f90
  • added support for IN-12 data files
  • added support for DNS single crystal and powder data with additional functionality:
    • fullauto option which sets all options automatically and creates a file to rerun with different options.
    • transform to q-space, with variable omega-offset
    • correct for vanadium and background file
    • correct flipping ratio and extract scattering from nonmagnetic and magnetic samples
    • split file sequences by number of polarizations
    • transform to reciprocal lattice units with given d-spacing
    • Linear combination and multiplication of different measurements
  • changed module structure introducing config, read_data and sessions packages
  • added fitting dialog
  • optional platform independent python setup ( under development )
  • save gnuplot and datafile which creates the same image as present in GUI for later change
  • major speed enhacement for plotting and data import, slow import formats (as squid raw and treff image files) are stored as binary objects after readout
  • included fonts for linux distributions missing it
  • history for reflectometer fit parameters
  • code cleanup and consistancy
  • multiplot from different files (stil needs imporvement)
  • automatic session detection from file postfix
  • color selection for 3d plots (can be personalized in config/
  • create arbitrary cross-sections through 3d-plots bin the data as standard and gaussian weighted mean
  • transform units and dimensions with some predefined units (e.g. ° to mrad)
  • plot profiles now include all 3d-plot settings, too
  • better window resize using scrolled window and gnuplot with different export sizes and not scaling
  • font size option in GUI
  • first stages of macro framework to make it easier to repeat common tasks on differen measurments, at the moment not intuitive and only implemented for some of the tasks (e.g. it and cross-section) see Help→ Action History to find tasks used in the active session
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