Version 0.5

The latest Version of the program is Version 0.7.8.

You can find all programs in the Download Area and an overview in the Version History.

This is the second release of scripts for plotting mpms/ppms, 4Circle and reflectometer Data.

Changes since Version 0.4:

  • combined all scripts into one executable with many changes in the back end for more flexibility using more object orientation
  • using temporal folder depending on the process ID so you can use more then one instance of the script without interfering with an other.
  • now running under Windows
  • many bugs fixed in scripts and gui
  • improvements of the GUI, e.g. open files from within the GUI, add any gnuplot command and save gnuplot settings in profiles
  • some code cleanup and comments
  • module insertion into GUI dependent on the run script
  • including and excluding filtering of the datasets by any column
  • interactive reflectometer fitting, using the fit.f90 back end by E. Kentzinger (modified)
  • a lot more of minor improvements
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