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What is this project?

The Plot.py project tries to supply an easy to use measurement data visualization and treatment framework being easy to use while keeping the freedom for advanced users to execute additional data treatment algorithms. The program is build on a object oriented modular basis to provide the possibility of including new data types very easily.

The main pillars to achieve this goal are a physical property data type implementation, array based data analysis and data plotting functionality. The data analysis is mostly build on the python standards numpy and scipy which gives a large variety of easy to use functions. The interpreter language python provides the possibility for interactive code evaluation. The data model is a numpy ndarray derived class connecting dimension and unit as well as error values with the data. This allows e.g. automatic error propagation, making user defined data treatment even easier. Last but not least the visualization is made using the popular gnuplot software. This can give users full control to add custom design to their plots.

Important Notice

The repository url has changed to Sourceforge.net, the new line in your sources.list file should be:

 deb http://plotpy.sourceforge.net/repository natty main

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The Plot.py software is distributed under the GNU General Public License and thus free to redistribute and change for your own purpose. If you like to acknowledge the effort put into the software you can cite it in your publication/thesis.

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